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To help Calhoun County discover new stories, our monthly Community Reads program promotes literacy while fostering a sense of page-turning togetherness.

Our goal is to build up our community through reading. We do this by bringing people together (virtually when it's necessary and in person when it is possible) through the reading and discussion of a common book.

Each month we will distribute a survey with two to three book selections. Everyone in our community can read about the books and vote on which book they would like to be our community read. 

Once the book is selected we will offer them at a significant discount to help make sure the community has access to the book and folks of different means can participate.  

Every week we will post questions and quotes to encourage thought and provoke discussion online. Then at the end of the month we will host a meet up (virtually when it's necessary and in person when it is possible) to share our favorite parts of the book and celebrate our community. 

Email us for the current pick and to participate in picking the next book: